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Maintenance Rug Cleaning Programs

Maintenance Rug Cleaning Programs

Here in Wichita this weekend the snow is dancing across the sky. The kids are playing outside and coming in wiping their snow covered feet on entryway rugs. Friends and family also find their way in from the cold snow packed roads. Salt and sand may also be lurking in the soles of those shoes. These debris over a course of time can be very harmful to your rugs. Be sure to dust and vacuum these entry rugs regularly. Ask your love ones to take off their shoes next to the door to prevent your other beautiful rugs from salt and sand damage. If you have rugs at your business in front of your entry removing shoes is not an answer. These rugs need special attention everyday to prolong the life of the rug. We here at Artistic Rug Care do have a Maintenance Program for rugs that need extra love. Whether its at your home or business we have quarterly cleaning programs or custom tailored schedules. Remember we offer free pick up & delivery in the Wichita area. All area rug cleaning occurs at our Andover rug cleaning studio which is located at 13920 SW US-54 Andover, KS 67002. We invite you to call us at 316-681-8000 to discuss your rug cleaning needs. Discover rug cleaning solutions @ today!

Brian Jespersen…Wichita Rug Lover, Woolsafe Fiber Care Specialists & IICRC Master Textile Cleaner #95833

20 Days until Christmas…Are you rugs ready for the Holidays?


How many of you out there have rugs rolled up in your garage? Maybe because you couldn’t take the smell of them. Maybe your pet had multiple accidents on them and now you think its ruined. Well we have the answer for you and we guarantee it. We can completely remove the pet urine odors out of your rugs so you can enjoy them again. Isn’t that the reason you purchase them in the first place? Christmas is just around the corner and we can help. Don’t be embarrassed when your friends and family show up! Call us today…316-681-8000


Is Rug Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning the Same Service?

Color Bleed on a Oriental Rug

Color Bleed on a Oriental Rug


This is a question we get all the time. The fact is rugs and carpet are like apples and oranges. Rugs that are hand woven or tufted are made with natural fibers such as wool, cotton & silk. These fibers only have a limited window on the pH scale. Most cleaning agents used with carpet cleaning are too aggressive and will damage natural fibers. Carpet cleaners for the most part don’t even know what fiber type your carpet is. They are just trained to pre-spray, steam & extract your carpet. On the other hand, rug cleaners show love & respect to natural fibers. The amount of knowledge needed is overwhelming for most carpet cleaners. There are some dare devil carpet cleaners out there that will clean your rug with their truck mounted machine. They think it’s ok but here’s the problem with that.

1. High heat will damage wool, cotton & silk. Have you ever seen someone that just got their hair fried at a salon? That’s what just happened to your rug.

2. Now days chemicals are double what they were five years ago. So many carpet cleaners are in search of cheaper solutions to clean with. The problem with that most of the time is the cheaper the chemical the higher in pH. For every notch up the pH scale. This  makes the chemical 10,000 times for reactive.  Can you imagine a carpet cleaner spraying on a solution 1 million times for reactive than it should be? Say good bye to your colorful friend!

3. Now comes an issue with colors. Most dyes in oriental & persian rugs are not stable. As soon as the water hits and starts to migrate so does the dyes. Maybe it will not happen so fast but as it dries you may notice color bleed on your rug.

The point of this blog is…Don’t fall victim to uneducated cleaners.

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Pet urine removal on oriental rugs



One of the first things on the to do list when designing a room is to pick out a new rug. You spend all day or days looking for that right rug that really speaks to you. Next comes the paint and furniture. After it all comes together you feel really great sitting on that new couch taking it all in and then it happens. Your best little fluffy friends comes into the room and has an accident on your beautiful rug. You clean it up as fast as you can and then it happens again or worst you find it days later. Now there is a nice yellow stain mark on your gorgeous rug. To make things worst, your family and friends come over. Now there is a stinky rug on the floor. This can be a little embarrassing. You don’t really know what to do or who to call. When you do call someone, you don’t really want to talk about the real issue with the rug. Well don’t be embarrassed. This kind of thing happens too often. We at Artistic Rug Care understand and will not judge you. We are here to help. We will carefully pre-inspect and photo document the front, back and sides to determine and identify if there are any pre-existing conditions to your rug in our inspection room at our Andover rug care studio. Then we will let you know exactly what you can expect for the results. At this point we will give you a firm written price and guarantee what to expect for the results. When it comes to pet urine, we don’t just clean it and spray some enzymes on it. We totally remove the pet urine by flushing out the bacteria infested salt crystals in our submersion pit. Then we wash and sanitize your rug to make it healthy again.

If you have a rug with pet related issues…call us we can help!

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